“Travel” means travel undertaken on the business of the Insured, authorised by the insured, and shall include associated leisure travel, provided always such travel involves a destination more than 100KMS from the place of departure for the commencement of the travel.


  • All Directors
  • Committee Members
  • Employees
  • Accompanying spouse / dependent children of the Insured
  • Other declared persons travelling on behalf of your business


The policy covers the below events whilst the traveller is engaged in “Travel”, for the organisation during the policy period.

Cover commences from the time the Insured person leaves his or her normal residence or place of business, (whichever is the place of departure) for the commencement of the travel & continues for a maximum period of 180 consecutive days or until the Insured person returns to his or her normal residence or place of business, whichever is first.

NOTE: In most circumstances, Directors and nominated Executives and accompanying spouses and dependent children are  covered for independent leisure travel (overseas and interstate)

  • Overseas Medical Expenses
  • Ongoing Medical Expenses In Australia
  • Overseas Medical Evacuation Expenses
  • Loss Of Deposits & Additional Expenses
  • Luggage, Personal Effects
  • Documents & Credit Cards / Money
  • Electronic Equipment & Laptops Etc.
  • Personal Injury
  • Weekly Injury Benefit
  • Alternative Employee Or Resumption Of Assignment Expenses
  • Political Risk & Natural Disaster Evacuation Expenses
  • Missed Transport Connection
  • Rental Vehicle Excess Cover
  • Extra Territorial Workers Compensation
  • Personal Liability
  • Kidnap /  Ransom / Extortion
  • Death
  • Corporate Travellers Family Care Spouse Accidental Death
  • Corporate Travellers Family Care  Education  Fund
  • Geographical Limits – Worldwide
  • Optional Non Scheduled (Charter) Aircraft Cover

Product Documents

Corporate Travel Insurance FACT SHEET
Corporate Travel Insurance APPLICATION

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