PSC Mediprotect is a market leader in innovative insurance solutions for health professionals, medical and affinity groups.

We are committed to providing comprehensive insurance protection to associations, businesses, and their employees and patients in the healthcare field. Applying our in-depth knowledge and experience in the industry, we’ve curated a Healthcare Associations Insurance package that addresses the most common risks faced by those in this field.

Our Healthcare Associations Insurance can be tailored so that it is suitable for Healthcare Associations of all shapes and sizes across Australia.

Do I Need Healthcare Associations Insurance?

Healthcare Associations across Australia support healthcare providers, helping them to deliver the best quality care to their patients. While the core of your organisation is to help others, it’s important to protect your association too. Healthcare Associations Insurance can protect your association, and ensure that things that are out of your control don’t affect your operations.

Ensure your association is fully covered with Healthcare Associations Insurance from PSC Mediprotect.

What Does Healthcare Associations Insurance Cover?

Having worked exclusively in the healthcare industry, we know that no two healthcare associations are the same. Your Association is unique in terms of its size and location, as well as the services that are offered and the specific field of operation. It’s important that the insurance you have caters to your specific requirements. With PSC Mediprotect, we can help you tailor your insurance policy to ensure that it appropriately meets your needs.

Our Healthcare Associations Insurance cover has options including:

  • Building Insurance: Protection for damage to your building as well as any other structures on your property.
  • Contents Insurance: Insurance cover that protects the possessions within your property.
  • Business Interruption: Protecting your association for any loss of income as a result of being unable to operate following a disaster.
  • Money: Cover for money that is lost, stolen or damaged whilst on your property or in transit to or from your property.
  • Glass: Cover for the costs associated with replacing of broken glass, such as windows and glass signs.
  • Broadform Liability: Insurance for your association that covers both public liability and product liability.
  • Employee Dishonesty: Cover for your association in the event that it suffers financial loss due to fraudulent activities of an employee.
  • Electronic & Mechanical Equipment Breakdown: Cover for mechanical and electrical equipment breakdown.
  • Tax Investigation: Cover that protects your association if a Tax Audit is carried out.

Why Choose PSC Mediprotect?

PSC Mediprotect is delighted to offer the most comprehensive choice of Medical Liability and Professional Risk covers available in today’s Australian market. We are committed to protecting businesses and associations across the healthcare industry, and as such, have developed unique industry-leading products in a number of niche areas.

We have helped a number of clients just like you to protect their healthcare association. Combining our specialisation and depth of knowledge in the industry, we can fully protect your business.

Some of the benefits of sourcing your Healthcare Associations insurance from us include:

  • Efficient Service: A member of our expert team is always at hand to respond to your enquiries quickly and thoroughly.
  • Value for Money: We’ve worked hard to ensure our cover is not only comprehensive, but also competitive in terms of pricing.
  • Peace of Mind: Combining our depth of knowledge and experience in the sector, you can rest assured your business is fully protected.
  • Help with Claims: If you have to make a claim, simply get in touch with us and we’ll help you through the process.
  • Premium Funding: We offer premium funding for policies to help with your cash flow.