PSC Mediprotect is a market leader in innovative insurance solutions for health professionals, medical and affinity groups.

PSC Mediprotect specialises in insurance for the healthcare sector, with experience in a number of niche areas such as Pharmacy. By applying our knowledge of the Pharmacy industry, we have pinpointed the specific risks in the sector, and identified the most appropriate insurance product to cover them. As such, our Pharmacy Insurance package has been curated to meet the specific needs of Pharmacists and Pharmacies across Australia.

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Do I Need Pharmacy Insurance?

As a pharmacist, taking care of patients and customers is a vital part of your role. But while you’re looking out for others, who is looking after you? It’s important to protect your livelihood and ensure things that are out of your control don’t affect the running of your business.

Pharmacy Insurance can protect you, your business, your employees and your patients in the event that something goes wrong.

Ensure you have comprehensive cover with Pharmacy Insurance from PSC Mediprotect.

What Does Pharmacy Insurance Cover?

We know that every pharmacy is different in terms of size, location and even the specific services that you offer. It’s important that the insurance you have caters to your specific requirements. With PSC Mediprotect, we don’t take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to your insurance. We will help you consider the specific details of your pharmacy business and tailor your policy to meet those specific needs.

Our Pharmacy Insurance cover has a number of options including:

  • Building Insurance: Protecting your pharmacy building from physical damage that is accidental or malicious.
  • Contents Insurance: Protection for the contents of your pharmacy in the event that they are damaged or lost.
  • Business Interruption: Protecting your pharmacy in terms of costs incurred as a result of being closed after a disaster.
  • Money: Protection for any business money that is lost or stolen on your premises or in transit.
  • Glass: Protecting your pharmacy’s glass, such as windows and signs, from damage and breakage.
  • Broadform Liability: Protection for your pharmacy against public liability and product liability claims.
  • Employee Dishonesty: Protection for your pharmacy from acts of fraudulent employees.
  • Electronic & Mechanical Equipment Breakdown: Protecting the pieces of machinery and electronic equipment in your pharmacy in the event that they are damaged or broken.
  • Tax Investigation: Protection for your pharmacy in the event that it is selected for a tax audit.

Why Choose PSC Mediprotect?

With our unrivalled experience and knowledge of the healthcare industry PSC Mediprotect is delighted to be able to offer the widest choice of Medical Liability and Professional Risk covers in the market. Moreover, we are able to offer unique, industry-specific products that have been curated by applying our in-depth knowledge of the niche markets.

We look after hundreds of clients in Australia’s healthcare industry, so you can rest assured that when you source cover form us, your pharmacy is in the best possible hands.

Some of the benefits of obtaining your cover from PSC Mediprotect include:

  • Efficient Service: Our employees are committed to providing quick and efficient service, and are always on hand to answer any enquiries you have.
  • Value for Money: Our cover isn’t just comprehensive, it’s also a cost-effective option for pharmacies across Australia.
  • Peace of Mind: When you choose PSC Mediprotect you can rest assured that your business is completely covered, so you can get on with what you do best.
  • Claims Assistance: In the event that you have to make a claim, our specialist claims team will help and assist you through the entire process.
  • Premium Funding: We offer the option to pay your premium in monthly instalments to help with your business cash flow.